Beneath the Basement APK [Free Download]

Download Beneath the Basement android game for free

Fight and Explore your solution of this exciting new second shadowy platformer to a lower place the Basement! Avoid traps and collect as several lives as you’ll be able to across twenty levels whereas homicide evil  creatures that lurk below. can you manage to escape?

– Controls –

Movement with the Left Joystick (Tap anyplace on the left aspect of the screen to snap the joystick position)

A = Throw

B = Jump (Double faucet to double jump)

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Learn German with MosaLingua APK Free Download

Download Learn German with MosaLingua android app for Free

Learn German in no time! MosaLingua’s effective and addictive  method can assist you learn many vocabulary, key phrases and conjugations in record time. ★

By exploitation the dialogue exercises, you will be able to improve each your German comprehension and your speaking skills at constant time.

MosaLingua was designed by a faculty member and a couple of developers WHO truly uses MosaLingua on a everyday.

Learn the essential two hundredth which will apply eightieth of the time. later you’ll opt for a locality of focus that’s relevant for you (travel, sports, business, technology…). disbursement simply five minutes per day for 2 months can permit you to learn 600 words and key phrases!

Whether you’re ranging from scratch otherwise you already understand the fundamentals, MosaLingua is tailored to fit your language desires. It’s like having your own personal tutor in your pocket!

Whether your motivation for learning German is for college (diploma, class, course, Goethe-Institut), vacation, business functions or just for the enjoyment of learning, MosaLingua can have you ever speaking German in no time:


– 3000+ flash cards of vocabulary and phrases, together with audio pronunciations by native speakers

– fourteen numerous classes (e.g. Accommodation, transportation, shopping, tourism, social, emergencies…)

-more than one hundred sub-categories (e.g. At the building, at the building, shopping for and negotiating, sports, partying, flirting…)

– Up to ten levels to complete, from the fundamentals to a lot of specialised vocabulary

– seventeen dialogues presenting common things that come back au fait vacation (or once traveling)

– Study lessons and language tips which will aid your progression

– over one hundred bonus materials to unlock as you progress

– on-line wordbook